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Our professional steam cleaning package offers an effective, chemical-free sanitation of surfaces. We remove tough grout, grime, mold and allergens such as bedbugs, dust mites and more. Steam cleaning is also environmentally friendly and it is especially recommended for individuals with strong allergies.

Non-Toxic & Organic

Cleaned of dingy-looking spots and dirt your space gets a fresh new look. Unlike most steam cleaners we use organic and non-toxic compounds that are tough on dirt but will leave breathe new life into your space.

Free Demo

Our commitment to natural products is how we are part of safeguarding the environment inside your home and the outdoors. Our free cleaning demonstration in your home will show you exactly how easy and effective it is – so you see us in action before you pay a dime.

What′s included:

  • Sofas & Chairs
  • Mattresses & Bedsprings
  • Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Baseboards
  • Inside Cabinets
  • Rugs & Carpets
  • Entire Bathroom & more!

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